The Nebraska 150 Book List is a joint project with The Jane Pope Geske Heritage Room of Nebraska Authors, a special collection of Lincoln City Libraries, and the Nebraska Literary Heritage Association (NLHA), a group within the Foundation for Lincoln City Libraries. The Heritage Room and the NLHA initiated the development of the Nebraska 150 Book List with the goal of bringing awareness to books by Nebraska Authors in preparation for the Nebraska 150 Celebration.


If there’s a heart to the sprawling body of Nebraska Literature, it’s quietly beating in the Heritage Room.  – Ted Kooser

The Nebraska Literary Heritage Association’s mission is to “encourage the collection, preservation, and promotion of work by and about Nebraska authors through support of the Lincoln City Libraries special collection, the Jane Pope Geske Heritage Room of Nebraska Authors, and to foster the creation and appreciation of this literature through programs, collaborative partnerships, and the use of technology.”  ...Read More.


Heritage Room of Nebraska Authors

Carte de Visite of Willa Cather from the Heritage Room Archive

The Heritage Room is located on the third floor of Bennett Martin Public Library in Lincoln, Nebraska. The books do not circulate and special care and preservation measures help ensure their longevity. The Heritage Room collection is a multifaceted reflection of the history and literary culture of the state. We have more than pioneer stories. There are books on every topic, including philosophy, poetry, nature, psychology, politics, and pop culture. Our shelves contain many entertaining and thought provoking books for children by Nebraska authors. Our fiction collection includes romance, fantasy, contemporary, western, and mystery novels to suit every taste. Learn More!


Support for Nebraska 150 Books

The Nebraska 150 Books project was made possible with the help of our partners.

Nebraska 150 Celebration

Humanities Nebraska

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The Nebraska Library Commission

The Nebraska State Historical Society

Foundation for Lincoln City Libraries