The Living Literary Tradition

Nebraska possesses a literary tradition of striking quality. The fiction of Willa Cather and the histories of Mari Sandoz are recognized as among the most knowledgeable and detailed explorations of the settlement of the last American frontier. Native Americans have found Nebraska poet John Neihardt’s record of his encounter with Black Elk crucial in preserving their own spiritual traditions and history. Nebraska has produced some of the English language’s most widely published and influential nature writers. Nebraska poets and mystery writers, social critics and romance novelists, historians and journalists have achieved regional, national and international recognition.

Though writing is a solitary pursuit, few writers have learned their craft or found their calling without the encouragement and constructive criticism of teachers and peers. Nebraska’s literary community has been lively and ambitious ever since the first days of European settlement. The state sustains a surprising number of active literary organizations, formal and informal writer’s groups, and local and regional publications.  Learn More!