Mission and Selection Criteria


The Mission of the NE 150 Book Selection Committee is:

1.  To choose 150 Nebraska Books to read in conjunction with the state's sesquicentennial.

2.   To categorize the books by genre.  This is to make it easier for readers to select books they would like to read in their favorite genre.

3.  To highlight the top 12 recommended books in the fiction, non-fiction, poetry and young adult/children's genres so Nebraskans can read one book each month.


Nebraska Author Criteria

1.   The author was born or grew up in Nebraska.


2.   The author was educated in Nebraska


3.   The author spent most of their productive writing years in Nebraska


Nebraska Book Criteria

1.   Priority will be given to books about Nebraska or have a Nebraska setting.

2.   Books will be readily available in libraries or book stores.

3.   Titles will reflect a variety of works that have appealed to Nebraskans over time.


*Books on the short list must meet the criteria for a Nebraska Author AND Nebraska Book

*Books on the long list must meet the criteria for Nebraska Author AND/OR Nebraska Book